I have been adding more 'pictures' into albums here..as of date no 28 uniforms of the 'Heer' part of the German Wehrmacht of WWII, 25 uniforms of the Kriegsmarine of the same period, 62 Luftwaffe Uniforms on this site...so  far- something like 3 more Heer-Uniforms can be built, and then into the Waffen SS Uniforms...and there is more of those the all the others...so this is going to take a while, and then the stories have to be edited and moved to (This Site) from the original the-military-mark.com but if you want to read them still, or see the pictures, that site still has them there as well, more com-pleat but in the removal mode...there being removed from there as they get completed here...so, here some of the most recently added, now these still need there stories....but there coming. 


Oh...ya better show some of the Kriegsmarine that has been added to the site.

Well you gonna have go over these too.....enjoy.

I have been working on the site as much as I can trying to transfer, edit, rewrite, and re edit picture...many of the earlier one are pretty poor from years ago...but got threw the Grossdeutschland Division uniforms, went threw all the Luftwaffe, and the Kriegsmarine uniforms,  and well into the rest of all the Heer Wehrmacht uniforms in the M.D.Stone Collection, well many are still awaiting the story too, but the pictures on the site are re-edited ones.

Well, OK, I've been a very busy boy...In more ways than this site, but have added, or moved many Uniforms to the site of recent, a bunch of Luftwaffe fellows. Get a load of this.....

Ok moving along...getting much more more to this site , stories from the old one -much edited, and new edited pictures...tricky to find sometimes again...but I had most, a great deal of GroƟdeutschland re-edited sets of uniforms first-the comes the story, the I delete it off the old site- so there will be more room for the US. stuff. Mark.

Alright then, we're starting to get a handle on the resurrection of the site (this one just for the German Uniform subjects, if anyone is watching, I'm getting figured out- and hopefully with-in a month or so should have this all put together...

Watch this space- I've just started building this site, it will grow and get organised as I teach myself how to do this again...Mark.